Annual General Meeting – 28 January 2024

Please see below for supporting documents and information regarding our AGM on 28 January 2024

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Election of Directors

All existing directors are obliged by our Society rules to resign at this first AGM. Some are standing for re-election. We also have a number of new candidates standing for election. The candidates are listed below.

Existing Directors and founding members standing for election

  1. Liz Bell
    I’ve lived in Bowes Park for 13 years and was previously a regular at the Step. I’ve been part of this project since the initial COF application working on the funding applications, website, share offer documentation and marketing, and general project management. I work as an independent management consultant and ecommerce director.

  2. Daniel Cowan
    I have had the good fortune to be part of a great MRCBS team over the past 18 months during which time I have worked on promoting the share offer, assisting with the building refurbishment project management and giving general feedback on our wide range of our deliberations. I would like to have the opportunity to continue to contribute to this great project. I have lived locally for the past 16 years and I am also Co-Chair of We Love Myddleton Road.

  3. Stuart Dougall
    After studying Economics in Glasgow I gained my accountancy qualification (ACA) in practice and then moved into industry, initially working for an asset management company before moving into the charity sector for a number of years. I have been in my current role as CFO of a local multi academy trust since 2019. I am also Treasurer of a local children’s charity (since 2015). My partner and I have been based in Bounds Green since 2007 and have 3 children who attend local schools/childcare. I have worked with the MRCBS as Treasurer since summer 2023 and would be happy to remain in the role.

  4. Dan Jones
    I am the current chair of Myddleton Road Community Benefit Society. I have been involved in everything from handing out flyers at markets, to applying for grants, fundraising, purchasing the building, managing relationships with third parties (e.g. grant funders, builders and potential tenants). I work as consultant advising businesses and investors in various industries. I have lived in Bowes Park for five years with my family.

  5. David Lubich
    I have lived in Bowes Park for 5 years, and have been involved in quite a few community projects (the market, We Love Myddleton Road, and even my Little Free Library on Parkhurst Road!). I work as an independent content designer, specialising in creating accessible content for government and health websites.
    I am also a mosaic artist, and have created and delivered creative workshops in community and palliative care settings. I am passionate about community involvement in art and culture.
    As a founding member of MRCBS, I have focused on marketing and communications from the start of this project.

New Members standing for election

  1. Anna Blackburn
    I have lived in Bounds Green since 1987, though I grew up in SW London. I have also lived and worked abroad during the summer holiday season, when young, in Turkey, Austria & Switzerland (I speak French and German) and later in Algeria and Belgium. I have worked all my life ’til I retired, starting off working in the BBC Television Drama Dept and ending up at the MoD (Royal Navy) in Whitehall, so I’ve had quite a diverse life. I like to sing and paint, go on walks in nature and to the theatre and cinema.
    I would like to contribute to endeavouring to make Bounds Green a more interesting place to live with more going on here and I hope that the new venue can become a welcoming community hub.

  2. Nicola Challen
    Me and my young family have been Bounds Greeners for over 5 years. I am a chartered governance and compliance professional with experience in large charities and membership organisations like Which? and BBC Studios. It’s not sexy but could be useful to the Society! My current role is head of operations for an arts charity that uses ‘meanwhile’ spaces across London.
    Building on the incredible achievements of the management committee, I would advocate for members of the Society to feel heard, that the new business is welcoming to the whole community (including exhausted parents/caregivers) and to be filled with art and culture.

  3. Jemima Headey
    I’m Jemima, I’ve lived on Marlborough Road for nearly 8 years, just before my daughter was born. It was The Step in its first incarnation that sold the area to us and we frequented it a lot! I was gutted it closed just as I was about to get my evenings back!
    I have 2 kids aged 5 & 7 at Bounds Green school, and I’m really invested in making our local area the best it can be for adults and kids alike. I’d love to stand for the committee and I’m keen to ensure the community events and activities at 101 to reflect the needs and wants of the local area! It’s such an exciting prospect!

  4. Mark Kowalik
    I have lived in Palmers Green since 1986. Not sure how relevant my experience is, but I am a semi retired solicitor. I am well used to advising boards in my day job, and have acted as a pension scheme trustee for over 20 years. I was Treasurer of the Association of Pension Lawyers (membership in high hundreds with turnover in hundreds of thousands ) for the maximum of two terms. I have been a director of arts charity Crying Out Loud for over a decade. So am well versed in sitting on, or advising boards, charitable and otherwise. But no experience of hospitality industry other than as grateful recipient of service!
    I am interested in serving, think I have the commercial common sense and background to be useful, and as recently semi retired should have time to do so.

  5. Larissa Kunstel
    Hello, I’m Larissa and have been in the area for the last two years. Although I never got to experience the original The Step I’m keen to see and be involved in what it could become after its resurrection through this community action. I have over thirteen years in project management and design innovation, and would like to put those skills to use here. I’m passionate about bringing in diverse voices to a community space for the benefit of the whole community. When not doing that I’m either baking cakes or tinkering at home.

  6. Ruth Mignano
    I have retired from paid work and am currently involved with local community music ventures. I curate and perform regularly in a variety of venues. I mention this to evidence my experience of performance spaces, management of people and equipment. I’ve project managed building refurbishments (admittedly domestic), and have a reasonable/ good understanding of processes. I am a very good communicator – at ease with almost everyone, and I write well.

  7. Kakoly Pande
    I would like to nominate myself as a director of Myddleton Road Community Benefit Society. I have been a very involved member of the local community, shopping locally and getting to know as many of my fellow Bowes park neighbours as possible; I am community minded, participating in local campaigning and litter picking; I am also a lawyer with 20 years of advocacy experience on local and environmental issues.

  8. Molly Perman
    I love living in Bowes Park and want to support the high street and help it to thrive. It’s been exciting to see the success of the 101 Myddleton Rd project and be part of this as an investor for MRCBS. I’d like to contribute to the next stage of the project by being part of the board. As a Regeneration Manager in Tottenham, I have worked on similar projects and have experience of bringing buildings back into use with new tenants and supporting them to establish in the early years. I also understand the opportunities and challenges of delivering physical improvements and community-wide benefits to a local high street, and working with different partners to make things happen.

  9. Alaistair Steele
    Hello! As a board member I offer 20 years experience of professional engagement with communities, organisations and boroughs across London. I am a trained urban designer, strategist, researcher and educator. I’m experienced at organising processes and events, collaborating with under represented stakeholders, and sensitive to the benefits and responsibilities of equality, diversity and inclusion.
    My work is about making cities fairer, more useful and, importantly, more fun. I’m keen to use this experience to benefit our local area and community; I can help with strategy and legislation, creative consultation, research and community engagement to develop and embed the new venue as a local asset for the long term. I am a local resident, parent, allotmenteer, cyclist, enthusiastic cook, and am proud to be a shareholder in MRCBS.

  10. Sue Walsh
    I have lived in Wood Green/Bowes Park for over 30 years and prior to that I lived in Hornsey. Up until now I have not had the opportunity of giving much back to my community, but I now find myself with a bit more time (and energy!!) to start doing just that. In terms of what I could offer; I am an extremely good organiser and like to ‘get things done’. I am very much a roll my sleeves up type person and no task is too large or too small. It is all about coming together as a team. My career has given me a lot of experience, both from a practical point of view and managing people (I have a large team, all with very different backgrounds). I am responsible for property and leasing globally for a financial institution and project managed many new offices around the world, both in terms of fit out, but more importantly ensuring that everything comes together in the end. I would love the opportunity of working on the Committee and hopefully being useful.


We have a small number of resolutions to put to a vote. The resolutions are shown below, with some comments to provide context.

Adoption of the accounts for year ending July 2023
Subject to a vote of the Membership, the Committee proposes to adopt the accounts for July 2023 prepared by our accountants David Cadwallader & Co.

The accounts will be discussed in the Treasurer’s report. You can download the accounts here.

Disapplying the requirement for audited accounts
Disapplying the requirement for a full professional audit will save us around £4,000 in accountancy fees. The unaudited accounts are still produced by an independent professional accountancy firm.

Given our legal structure, we have the option of disapplying the requirement to undertake a full professional audit, as permitted by section 84 of the Co‑operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Subject to a vote of the Membership, the Committee proposes that we produce unaudited accounts for submission to the FCA.

Resolution on the application of profits
We have no distributable profits in the year ending July 2023 as the income has been spent on the purchase of 101 Myddleton Road and costs related to its purchase and renovation. However, based on advice, subject to a vote of the Membership, the Committee proposes that the Society should aim to always maintain a cash reserve of at least £20,000 where practically possible and set aside the majority of profits in each future year to support our goal of reaching or maintaining that total cash balance, and that this minimum amount should automatically increase in line with Consumer Price Inflation each year.

The Committee believes this is a prudent measure to make sure we are able to take action to rectify any issues with the building at 101 Myddleton Road or pay any unexpected bills in most circumstances, without needing to raise additional funds from other sources.

Resolution on number of Directors
Subject to a vote of the Membership, the Committee proposes that we have a maximum of 12 Directors of the Society.

We believe allowing up to 12 directors strikes a balance between being able to represent the diverse backgrounds and views in our community and having a manageable number of participants in a meeting of directors.