A community pub for
Bowes and Bounds

Remember The Step on Myddleton Road? We’re bringing it back as a bar, restaurant and café – with community spirit at its heart.

We have won £250,000 of government funding and have raised a further £250,000 in community shares to match this. We have now closed our share offer – thank you to everyone who has supported us!

The story so far

Since June 2022, a team of local people has spent months working with grant funders and advisors towards helping the community to buy and renovate The Step.

We have received a £250,000 grant from the UK government towards buying the building, with additional funding from other organisations that support community projects to cover costs like architects and lawyers.

Over 600 local people have told us they back the project and described what they would like to see in the space by filling out a survey. This showed people are looking for a family friendly space with a food offering, complemented by music and art, and a range of services. These include providing somewhere for hot-desking, as well as hosting classes, book clubs and support groups. 350 local people have pledged to become shareholders.

We have just launched a community share offer to raise the £250,000 required from local shareholders. We have strong support already but need your help to reach our goal.

The property developer is willing to sell to us if we raise the funds by 19 March. If we are not successful, they aim to permanently change the use of the building to a private use, so we won’t get this chance again – please support us now!